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The clients wanted to refresh their home with a clean and minimalistic look. Both of them are huge advocates for health & fitness, hence they really wanted to have a personal space in their house to do that as well. Let’s see what we’ve done for these fitness junkies!

Before Renovation: Some Pain Points 

  • The kitchen and bath are run-down
  • Tiles appear to be mouldy and loose
  • Existing electrical wirings wasn’t neatly done 

From Homeowners: Renovation Requests

  • To have a clean and bright interior 
  • To make the rooms sleeker with well-designed false ceilings
  • A spacious area for salsa dancing 
  • A divider to be constructed for privacy reasons


We wanted to keep it fresh for these young homeowners by bringing in a good amount of sunlight into the house. This brightens the whole interior and exudes warmth. We kept the furniture and flooring with a muted wood colour, and decorated the space with some greenery.

For their kitchen, we took down the wall for an open-concept cooking area. Keeping things consistent, we made sure to use white and light wood colour for the kitchen.

The bedroom was kept simple, with a good amount of storage space built-in for the homeowners to have a space to keep their clutter. By keeping everything minimal, the house truly looks spacious and homely.

To create a sense of privacy, we installed a 8-pillar partition at the door. This still allows light to shine in but maintain that personal space these homeowners wanted.

We also installed full length mirrors in the living room to bring out the homeowners’ passion for dancing and fitness! These mirrors also help to make the house look more capacious.


We truly enjoyed working with our passionate young homeowners! They were clear about what they were looking for from the start and collaborated closely with us in building their dream home. We are glad to breathe new life into this space that they can now truly call home.

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