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The client wanted to transform his one room BTO flat into a space that is joyful and clutter-free. He had envisioned a Kinfolk-inspired house, that would bring him comfort and relaxation whenever he comes home. This is one home that clearly shows that staying in a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t live big.

Before Renovation: Some Pain Points 

  • Having only a neat dimensions of 38 square metres would mean that space is at a premium 
  • Concerned that the lack of space may compromise the functionality of the house

From Homeowners: Renovation Requests

  • Wants to furnish the home with only the essential items
  • Like to have a minimalist place that is cozy and close to friendly
  • Needs a functional and thoughtful kitchen
hdb bto one room floorplan


Living the minimalist lifestyle, we kept the home fairly simple with hints of white, grey and brown. Each part of the home has storage compartments to allow the homeowner to keep his clutter out of the way. The end result is an enviably clean home that provides mental clarity.

As the homeowner loves spending time in the kitchen, we made sure that the kitchen was well furnished. We’ve chosen the light grey cabinets to compliment the wooden floor, and kept the ornaments white for a simplistic feel.

The bedroom should be a space for the homeowner to unwind and relax. Hence, we took out any distractions and stuck to the simple colour tones to maintain consistency.


A humble kinfolk-inspired abode with its no-frills design. It looks simple yet astounding at the same time. The open loft and clean-lined home allow the homeowner to pursue the minimalist lifestyle that he always wanted.

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