Our Idea Is Simple. Using Minimalism To Create A Better Living.

Minimalist Pursuits is a lifestyle section that takes an intimate look at our homeowners who live their lives to the fullest by practicing a minimalist lifestyle and finding joy in their spaces. Staying true to our tagline “Simple Adds Life”, we are committed to embarking on a journey of introducing minimalism into people’s lives as we firmly believe that it will have a positive effect on the world. 

minimalist society reviews feedback testimonial

” Life’s too short to be distracted by a million and one things pulling you in different directions. And I think, with this sense of minimalism rooted in the space that I live in, it helps to be a tangible living reminder on how I want to live life. “


minimalist society reviews feedback testimonial

” Minimalism frees me from desires and removes anxieties that are impediments to success. It brings about positive energies for me to attain my life goals in an effective and efficient fashion. “


” Minimalism takes away the unnecessary distraction we have in our life. To want to have more is what the society wants from us. However, we can do with less, and it makes life easier to manage. “


” Having a clean, uncluttered space helps me to focus more on my work or whatever I am doing at the moment. “


” In my new home, it feels (as if) every day I wake up to a blank canvas, knowing that I can start the day new and afresh. “


” Being minimalist isn’t boring; it is intentionally paving your own path and walking away from fads that do not define you as a person. By choosing well, there will definitely be a positive rippling effect on our environment. “



” Minimalism can help us to have a life that has less clutter, gives us much more free time and focus on the things that matter to us more, resulting in the conscious curation of our lives. “


April and Jun Xian
April and Jun Xian

” Minimalism is a way to build serenity into our lives. In this fast-paced world, having a calm space to return to at the end of the day allows us to wind down and put our worries aside. “



” Minimalism is really an art on how to not clutter your life and practice conscious thinking before acting. “


costa ris home owner
costa ris home owner

” The calmness of a minimalist home brings calmness into our lives. “


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