Our Beliefs

The Minimalist Society is a full service firm that provides interior design and renovation solutions for residential projects.

Philosophy - The Minimalist Society

Combining both form and function, our designs are about beauty with usability. Dedicated to customer service, we listen meticulously to every clientele’s unique and individual needs and only provide quality yet affordable materials in our projects. We take you through together the entire design process, from brainstorming, conceptual ideas to space planning, product and material selection.

We believe that a well thought-out design is essential to make the most of every last centimetre and for getting every function to coexist in a compact space where everything still needs to be there.

To create the illusion of spaciousness, we touch on perspectives, reflections, luminosity, proportions, movement between rooms and lighting to bring out the best for our projects.

Our goal is to create a distinctive place reflective of your personality and lifestyle where our clients can truly feel comfortable in, from aspirations into reality.

The Minimalist Lifestyle

 Less Is More

Minimalist concept in interior design is all about simplicity.

Using only the fewest elements possible to maximize the overall effect, it helps to enlarge the living spaces and give it elegance. The space in the home are used in the most effective and efficient manner.


Minimalism advocates the absence of clutter.

Everything that can be stored should be stored and out of sight. Imagine a home with less stuff, one would have less chaos in the mind, having less stress and tasks. It creates a calming effect and reduces stress. Cleaning is simple too. It also promotes lesser time and energy spent in house chores!


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication that one can find in minimalism.

Minimalist interior design would mean that there will just be few pieces of furniture, but each of them are of high quality and expertly crafted to become the focal point of each room. Quality is always prioritized over quantity. Colour scheme is kept to a minimum. The use of neutral colours, along with a limited number of accent colours will make the room more visually interesting.

Our Process


Focusing on uncovering your priorities and preferences

Understanding your needs and wants

Studying of floor plan to ensure feasibility of ideas


Discuss and explore solutions in relation to your objectives
Discuss about space planning, furniture layout, material selections and color schemes

Site visit for in-depth measurements

3D perspective drawing for better visualization


Finalizing of designs, materials and selections
Explain the pros and cons of each selection in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


Full-site supervision to ensure the smooth process of the renovation

Commencement of renovation works


Move Into Your New Home!

A brand new life awaits!

"We are pleased to choose The Minimalist Society to renovate our new home. After meeting a few designers, we found them to be very professional, attentive to our needs and great to work with. Very pleased with the workmanship too."
Tang Kwang Pin, Engineer
"[...] It was my 1st time doing renovation and the designer was very patient in explaining things to me. He took the effort to show me a lot of samples too. Overall experience was very easy as the designer assisted in a lot of ways, especially when I was busy with my work and couldn't handle much."
Jervin Cheng, Cage Supervisor
"Excellent planning and value for money!"
Joshua Thio, Financial Planner
"We had the best of both worlds when we engaged Keith to be our space strategist. He has the resources and price of a contractor, and the design intellect of an ID. Every contractor/ID is not without his/her own flaws, but what separates him from others is the dedication and effort he puts in his work. Although he did have other clients on hand, he always gave us his best."
Yuting, Human Resource Executive
"Designer standard at contractor price. Despite handling only the kitchen and various small things, Keith was very passionate and did a very good job. Very satisfied."
Suriati, Customer Service Officer
"Creativity, service excellence and most importantly, I am very happy to work with The Minimalist Society as they have a very transparent and fair pricing policy. I was quoted by various other IDs who gave ambiguous quote description. I had a clearer picture of the renovation process and materials after The Minimalist Society presented to me. Glad to be recommended by my friend to them."
Marlene Lim, Account Executive
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