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Minimal Elegance Fills This must-See Abode

Be amazed by the aesthetics of this resale apartment. Try not to get too envious as you take a virtual tour in their new abode.

condo nordic style singapore

House Tour: Alicia's Bright Scandinavian Minimalist Condo

This home is a master class in scandi design that stands out in all the right ways.

muji home Singapore

Muji-Styled Home In The Heartlands

Home can be as simple as you want it to be.


The Music Of Minimalism

There’s a sense of calm when you enter Genell’s 4-room Scandinavian home she shares with her husband. It must be what Genell’s piano students feel [...]

Livin' The Simple And Sweet Life

“If you walk into a café and spotted someone sipping a cuppa whilst being actively engaged in thoughts, that person could probably be me,” Benny begins [...]

Life, Inspired

Ivan and Fiona are both busybees “in demanding banking jobs.” What they need after a long day at work is to come home to a clean and simple space and [...]


Top 4 Benefits Of Minimalism

Singapore is known for its high cost of living and competitive culture. The pursuit of wealth and bigger bank accounts has become inevitable, especially for the “strawberry generation”. [...]

Singapore muji living room

20 Ways To Achieve A Muji-Style Home

A home built on Muji philosophy is about minimalism in design and quality in living. Similarly to their ideation journey, we will always first ask, “What’s best from the user’s point of view?” [...]

Singapore minimalist living room

How To Light Up Your Home And Your Life

Lighting is often checked off in the to-do list items for some renovation projects and then becomes an afterthought which is too late. A good planning at the start will help home owners save [...]


Singapore muji living room

House Tour: Dave and Kate's Clean And Simple Minimalist HDB Home

“The Japanese has this concept called ‘MA’ where everything in your house has a purpose. You don’t have anything extra. You don’t have any clutter. You know exactly what you have. You don’t feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, [there’s too much clutter] I have to get out of here,” begins Kate, who lives in a 5-room minimalist [...]

Singapore scandinavian kitchens

Putting Scandinavian Designs Into Singapore Homes

Maximum style with maximum living space is what Scandinavian Interior Design is all about. Scandinavian Interior Design is a mixture of [...]


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