At Team Minimalist, we vigorously pursue copyright infringement issues. If you are aware or suspect any persons or entities infringing on the intellectual property of The Minimalist Society, please alert us at hello@minimalist.sg with the subject heading: “Report of Suspected Infringement”. Under Singapore law, copyright infringement can result in both civil and criminal liability. 

Please be as detailed as possible so that the claim can be investigated thoroughly. Kindly also provide as much information as possible on the suspected infringer (e.g. Name of person/business entity, address, website, e-mail or phone number). Depending on the severity of the infringement, the type of actions we take will vary on a case-to-case basis.



Some real examples of previous copyright infringement includes but not limited to :

  1. Adapting/Modifying our photos (as a backdrop for your own commercial product) on your listing, even if the photo shows the genuine article being sold;

2. Reproducing our photos in a fraudulent matter (making false claims that you are our supplier or carry our products), where the article being sold is actually different from our products;

3. Using our photos in a negligent or misleading manner (implying certain action or event may happen), where the truth is not going to be what is implied;

Attributing the source of the copyright work alone does not mean that you do not infringe the owner’s copyright, especially when done with misleading intents. We received enquiries from the public if we would be present in the above event which we are not participating.

4.  Copying large portions of our text excessively and using it on your website or any other medium;

The similarities of the questions and answers are uncanny. The wordings of the answers and questions are almost an exact match. Other parts of their website bear huge resemblance too. However there are less similarities now ever since we revamped our website.

5. Adapting/Usage of our photos in any manner to serve the commercial interest of other entities.

Our images should not be used as a bait to entice viewers to click on your sponsored post. They should really be using the images of the 8 IDs involved in the Meet and Greet.

While we are peace loving people here at The Minimalist Society, we take a no-nonsense view for matters pertaining to copyright infringements, deceit or fraud. All intellectual property created by The Minimalist Society are the result of our hard work and any content theft will not be tolerated. Our IP/legal Team will contact the infringing party to ensure the integrity of the materials presented and take further action if necessary. 



For the avoidance of doubt, the three scenarios below are permitted without needing prior written permissions from us:

1) All our home owner/s or their authorized party have the exclusive permission to publish or monetize the creative/physical assets generated by us as a result of their home renovations. 

Some examples would be:

2) Content creators or media platforms who may wish to feature our home designs for tips-related articles are allowed. Do note that however, attributions with a backlink to our website or Facebook are mandatory in all circumstances and that the nature of the content to all intents and purposes, must not be derogatory, misleading in nature or serving the commercial interest of other entities directly or indirectly.

3) 如果你是我们 The Minimalist Society 的 头手师傅门在做工程时后的指定电台, Yes 93.3 FM and Love 97.2FM,你们也不须要 permission。😄 你们的陪伴,是我们的力量。

minimalist design cabinet
Click on the image to see how "zoomable" our crafted homes are.
Our home owner, Benny, was pleasantly surprised to see his study room being used as a backdrop for Yes 93.3FM 发布会 one day.
Our co-founder, Yi Ling with our most beloved radio DJ from Love 97.2FM, Dennis Chew at the Gala Premiere of《简单的婚礼》movie which showcased a BTO flat by Team Minimalist.


You are welcome to check in with us should you require more clarifications on the usage of our creative assets. If you would love to have the opportunity to work with our home owners or us for any collaboration or for commercial intents, the proper channel would be to email to our PR & Communications Team via publicrelations@minimalist.sg

To sum up, intellectual property is important to promote creativity, expression and innovation in our community. Let’s build respect for it and together, we can create great works.

Truly yours,

PR & Communications Team

The Minimalist Society Pte. Ltd.

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