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coffee table carprentry


We were tasked by the client to devise creative storage solutions to maximize the limited space available in his 2-bedder condo at Bukit Timah. He would like to create an environment that is cozy yet efficient.

Before Renovation: Some Pain Points 

  • Insufficient storage compartment for his needs
  • The current home looks dated and has lost its appeal
  • Existing electrical plan is not user friendly

From Homeowners: Renovation Requests

  • Everything should be tuck away neatly whenever possible
  • Want the home to look modern and sophisticated 
  • Needs to design a small yet flexible home 
  • Hoping to retain the existing kitchen which is in a relatively good condition


To ensure that the living area stays clutter-free, we customised built-in furniture for the homeowners to place their things. We made sure to not over accessorise the house with too many ornaments keeping it modern with clean lines and solid pieces.

With the tight spaces, we strategically made the built-in furniture to have duo-function. As seen, the coffee table can be transformed into a mini work station, and the table is used as a chair.

We love maximising unused spaces! For the foyer cabinet, we extended it into the living area for an open-space concept, The cabinet was also and doubled up as a storage area, the larger open space could be used for displaying decor objects, and drawers were installed for storing smaller items such as letters and car keys.

To combat the space constraint, we chose to design both bedrooms with Japanese-style wooden platform beds. This elevates the atmosphere of the room, and created additional space for storage. We’ve also made sure to stick with the light woody tones to make the rooms feel cozy and warm.  


We love this house because it’s the perfect example of how seemingly tiny homes can embrace open spaces and flexible interiors. With a bit of creativity, our design team has transformed this abode into one that is cozy, functional, and yet aesthetically pleasing.

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