By The Minimalist Society

Mindfully Made

Thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted.


A touch of new life. The clients approached The Minimalist Society to add a touch of Scandinavian to their resale house. They wanted to refresh the tight spaces and maximise every corner of the house. 

Before Renovation: Some Pain Points 

  • The existing house has old and dated finishes and fixtures
  • Inadequate ventilation at some parts of the house 
  • The house appears smaller undeservingly from the existing layout

From Homeowners: Renovation Requests

  • Requires ample storage spaces
  • Wants the house to look spacious and bright
  • The kitchen and bathrooms are in need of remodeling
  • Open up the home possibly with some walls to be hacked
  • Wants it to be a space that they can bond as a couple


For the living area, we made sure to stick to a light colour palette of white, grey and browns to bring out the light. This made the house appear airy and much more welcoming. 

We want to create a space that these homeowners can spend quality time with each other. Hence, we designed the living room to be linked to the study. This allows the couple to stay connected, despite being in different rooms in the house.

For the kitchen area, we installed a glass partition to the wall to extend the space in the living room. This little trick seems to magically add square-feet to the house. We’ve also added many storage areas for this house, for the homeowners to utilise their space.

For the bedroom, we went with a warm grey colour to bring out a sense of comfort. We want the homeowners to be able to unwind and relax in this room, hence everything was kept simple and clutter-free.


Refreshed indeed! The homeowners really loved the work we’ve done for their humble little home. They love the finishing touches and the idea of linking spaces together to stay connected. It’s really amazing how simple designs can make the best use out of every space. 

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